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The purpose of this program is to provide a curriculum that will give students the knowledge and capabilities necessary to become licensed as a patient care technician. They will enter the business world confident of their skills, realizing their potential for growth and achievement.

Training will involve classroom studies and demonstrations as well as practical experience with techniques being performed on mannequins or other students. At all times students will be under the supervision of a trained and qualified instructor.

The Patient Care Technician course is 600 Hours with a combination of classroom instruction, clinical lab instruction and facility in-service training.  The clinical portion of the training is conducted at our facility and at a long term care facility. This program is designed to prepare students for employment as Patient Care Technicians. This course will build on the skills already learned in Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide courses. The program will include instruction in Electrocardiography, Phlebotomy, Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, HIV/AIDS, Domestic violence awareness and CPR.